The Prince’s Shadow – 御用閒人

Wars of In-Laws - 我的野蠻奶奶
Fate Takes A Hand - 杜心五

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Description: As a child Ko Sing (Adam Cheng) entered the Qing court to act as a whipping boy to the Qianlong Emperor (Marco Ngai) and continues to live at court as a hanger on. However unknown to all, the Qianlong Emperor is not the literate and able ruler of history but a foolish and incompetent one, only with the aid of Ko Sing is he able to protect his reputation and the reputation of the Qing court. Playing the role of a layabout with no official titles or duties, Ko Sing acts as a trouble shooter within the palace, allowing plotters and malcontents to underestimate him until it is too late.

Although Qianlong has a harem of thousands the Empress (Joyce Tang) controls the harem, and arranges either consorts from her own clan or very ugly ones to serve the Emperor’s bed. Finding the Emperess’s arrangements not to his liking Qianlong becomese besotted with Yu-yee (Tavia Yeung) a newly arrived serving-girl in the palace, and demands that Ko Sing help bring her to him.

Unwilling to become the play thing of the Emperor, Yu-yee escapes from the palace but in doing so falls into the hands of slavers who sell her on to a brothel. Believing that Yu-yee has been stolen from the palace, along with other treasures, Qianlong sends Ko Sing in pursuit. Ko Sing finds that Yu-yee is in the possession of brothel madam So Sam (Sheren Tang), in order to free Yu-yee Ko Sing buys the brothel. However he is told by Yu-yee that she would rather be a prostitute at the brothel free to choose her own customers than to be the plaything of the Emperor.

In order to fund the purchase of the brothel, Ko sing creates an artwork attributed to the Emperor and which he sells (in fact all of the Emperor’s previous calligraphy and artwork is the work of Ko Sing), this artwork finds its way back to the palace, and reveals to the Emperor where Ko Sing and Yu-yee are.

The Emperor arrives at the brothel in disguise and residing there is served by the other girls but not Yu-yee to the detriment of the affairs of state. When it is time to return to the palace, the Emperor is so enamoured with the brothel and its occupants that he has the brothel recreated in the grounds of the palace and So Sam, Yu-yee and the other girls taken captive.

Knowing that such an arrangement will damage the reputation of the Empire and the Emperor’s ability to rule, the Emperess and Ko Sing plot to free the girls from the palace. They do this by presenting the girls formally to the Emperor as candidates to be Imperial consorts, given the Emperess’s previous habit of offering extremely ugly candidates to him, the Emperor rejects the girls out of hand and, without inspecting them, orders them to be sent away.

Language: Cantonese
Production company(s): TVB
Country: Hong Kong
Times: 20 Episodes
Release Date: 2005
Cast: Adam Cheng, Sheren Tang, Tavia Yeung, Joyce Tang, Marco Ngai
Genre: Drama

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