Short (English subtitles) – 쇼트

Should We Kiss First (English subtiltes) - 키스 먼저 할까요
Revolutionary Love (Cantonese) - 卞赫的愛情

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Description: A sports drama about short track speed skater, Son Seung Tae. As a rookie athlete, he rose to the top of his field and later became a coachat the Kangbaek University.

Kang Ho Young (Kang Tae Oh)is a short track speed skater. He learned how to skate at a small skating rink in the countryside. He was scouted by Kangbaek University which is famous for short track speed skating. There, he meets Park Eun Ho (Yeo Hoe Hyun)who is referred to as “The King of Short Track Speed Skating.” He is the only child from a prestigious family in sports, but Park Eun Ho has been in a slump.

Kang Ho Young and Park Eun Ho compete against each other and form a friendship. They both love Yoo Ji Na (Kim Do Yun) who is auditioning to become a member of a girl group.

Language: Korea
Country: Korea
Times: 04 Episodes
Release: 12 February 2018
Director: Kim Young Min
Cast: Kang Tae Oh, Yeo Hoe Hyun, Kim Do Yun, Yoo Ha Joon, Park So Eun
Genre:  Romance

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