Shades of Life – 我們的天空

Super Snoops - 荃加福祿壽探案
Forensic Heroes II - 法證先鋒 II

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BeyondDescription: Yu Yang is a highly respected retired principal. He has a deep affection for traditional Chinese culture and places an emphasis on family values. His eldest son Jack Wu graduated with a journalism degree and works as a magazine editor. Jack likes to get to the bottom of things and sometimes has different opinions than his father on certain social issues. Yu Yang and his daughter Zoie Tam, being 40 years apart, have a major generation gap. Yu Yang finds it difficult to adjust to the rapidly changing technology era. Fortunately, his daughter-in-law Elaine Yiu is a good mother and wife, and keeps the household in perfect order. But as her son grows older, the family is faced with decisions about his education, which brings out the nerves of everyone. The series explores a number of critical issues for Hong Kongers, including education, housing, an aging population, declining competitiveness of youth, Mainland relations, and the immigration trend. Each episode closely mirrors reality in a way that resonates with the audience…

退休中學校長高八斗(于洋飾)熱愛中國傳統文化,學識淵博,因而深得兒孫、朋輩以至街坊敬重。八斗個性隨和,縱然三代同堂共住,一家人亦見融洽。八斗對家 庭倫理觀念尤其重視,惟遇上觸及其原則底線的人或事,卻會堅持到底。八斗曾因學習電腦操作受挫折,自覺打擊尊嚴,從此不屑現代科技。

八斗的長子高可攀(胡諾言飾)新聞系畢業,任職雜誌編輯,凡事尋根究底,兩父子偶爾會就社會民生議題爭辯、各執一詞,但可攀在辯論間總會顧及父親尊嚴,並 為父親設下台階。八斗與小女兒高可人(譚凱琪飾)相差逾40歲,有嚴重代溝,父女間總似有一道無形的隔膜。八斗對兒媳董愛晴(姚子羚飾)持家有道,甚為欣 賞,但因孫兒高山青(盧頌衡飾)日漸長大,快將面臨升中問題,翁媳之間在教養小孩方面開始出現分歧……

實況劇《我們的天空》每週以單元故事形式,藉着高家五口面對的不同處境,帶出學童家長為升中兒女爭入名校、「低頭族」、人口老化、中港矛盾、「劏房」、青 年競爭力下降、移民潮等……連串香港人高度關注的社會問題,勢必引起觀眾的共鳴,並以扣人心弦的情節,具洞透力的視點,與觀眾一起深思這些切身問題,盼從 中啟發新思維。
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong
Release Date: 20 July 2014
Cast: Ben Wong, Jack Wu, Elaine Yiu, Oceane Zhu, Yu Yeung, Albert Lo, Zoie Tam
Genre: Modern Drama

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