Lan Ling Wang – 兰陵王

Wesley: The Great Adventurer (I) - 冒險王衛斯理之支離人
Split Second - 爭分奪秒

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200px-Lanling_WangGruesome in his battle mask, General Lanling is one of the most beautiful male characters in Chinese history. A general so beautiful that his face must be hidden on the battlegrounds. A general so fierce and loved that he was killed by the emperor out of jealousy and fear. The legendary role of the most alluring general in Chinese history will finally be brought to life with actor Feng Shaofeng. Fourteen hundred years ago, the Northern war was constantly fighting, the Northern Qi Dynasty was under the leadership of the brave and skilled Warrior Lan Ling , fighting against enemies, build a strong city wall for the Northern Qi Dynasty. Opening theme song: Into the Array Song 入陣曲)( Warrior Lan Ling (兰陵王) by Mayday

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